Macit Makine, which has been founded by Metin Macit in the year of 1996, manufactures the first flange machine in Turkey, HVAC, auto duct former machine and various profiling machines.

Macit Makine still continues its operations in the 3000 m2 store and 6000 m2 factory in Çatalca with its qualified team under the management of Metin Macit.

All of the products that are manufactured by Macit Makine is in line with CE standards and they have 1-year manufacturer warranty. Spare parts and maintenance support for all machine models are provided by the central address.

These machines and equipment manufactured by Macit Makine are still being used by prominent manufacturers, constructers and contractors in other countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Russia, Iraq, Arabia, Egypt, Libya and in cities like İstanbul, Bursa, Ankara, İzmir and Antep in the country.

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